Meeting Room Policy

The Hardin County Public Library offers meeting space to local non-profit organizations for education, cultural, informational, government or civic activities. Use of the meeting room for commercial use, political campaigning, worship services, or social activities is prohibited. There is no charge for the use of the meeting room.

Guidelines for Public Use:

  1. Requests for use of HCPL facilities for other than HCPL business or programs will not be granted until it is clear that such use will in no way hinder the full use of the meeting room by HCPL.
  2. No meetings can be scheduled before the Library opens. The library is open from 9:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. On Wednesday and Friday, the library is open until 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday until 3:00p.m. Meetings may continue after hours, however, groups using the meeting room must ensure that the front door remains closed and locked.
  3. Groups using the meeting room after normal library hours, must give the Library a certificate of insurance showing general liability coverage with $500,000 minimum limits and must name the Hardin County Public Library and Hardin County Fiscal Court as additional insured.
  4. Meetings may be scheduled no more than thirty (30) days in advance.
  5. Meetings may be scheduled for no more than three (3) hours, unless advance approval has been secured from the Library Director.
  6. A minimum of five (5) participants is required. Groups using the meeting room are required to report their attendance to the Adult Services Librarian. The maximum capacity of the room is forty-nine (49) and groups may not exceed this number due to fire code regulations.
  7. Use of the kitchen is prohibited. Food and drink may be served in the meeting room as long as use of the kitchen, including the refrigerator, is not required. Groups must leave the room neat and orderly, including removal of trash. The vending machine is for library staff use only.
  8. The Library has overhead projectors and a screen available for use in the meeting room. Reservation of library equipment must be made separately and in advance. A deposit may be required for equipment use.
  9. Meetings must be booked in person and a contract completed for meeting room use. This contract must be approved before the meeting room is considered to have been reserved.
  10. No conduct disturbing regular library use or infringing on any library rules is permitted. The individual who signs the meeting room contract is responsible for the supervision of the group.
  11. The Library reserves the right to cancel meetings for operational reasons or if an emergency exists. Groups must notify the Library of a cancellation of a meeting at the earliest possible date. Failure to notify may result may result in the denial of future planned meeting room use.
  12. If possible, the library staff will have room set up as desired. But the group using the room must restore the room to its original condition after completion of the meeting.